Hello World with LangChain & Open AI API

In this article we are lookin about how to create first AI Hello World Application using LangChain and Open AI API. We are using Open AI API in this project but you can also use Hugging face if you want. Installing Required Packages To create this project we need two packages to install which are … Read more

Introduction to LangChain

Introduction to langchain - bhylu

Today we are going to learn about most trending framwork Langchain. We are starting Introduction to langchain then step by step we can create many realworld application.Artificial intelligence and natural language processing, LangChain appears as a powerful and universal tool, revolutionizing the way we interact with language models. In this blog post, I launch on … Read more

Bubble Sort

Bubble sort is a sorting algorithm that compares two adjacent elements and swaps them until they are in the intended order. Imagine you have a set of numbered cards that are all mixed up. With bubble sort, you start at one end and look at pairs of cards. If a card with a smaller digit is in front … Read more

How to Perform CRUD Operation in JavaScript 2024


In this blog we will learn how to create a CRUD Operation in JavaScript. The processes are Create, Read, Update, and Delete. With these processes, we can create, take input, manipulate & destroy the objects. We are not going to use any framework of JavaScript. We are use JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Bootstrap to design … Read more

Backend Developer Roadmap 2024

backend developer roadmap

Welcome to the comprehensive 2024 guide for backend developer roadmap! Backend Developers are in high demand in today’s digital age, as organizations rely largely on internet platforms. Backend Development is an ever-changing field, and being up to date on the latest tools and technologies is critical for success. This detailed book provides a roadmap designed … Read more

Frontend Developer Roadmap 2024

Frontend developer roadmap

The journey into front end development is similar to discovering a new world in which we design how websites and apps appear and function. It’s significant because it determines how people utilize and enjoy what they see on the internet. Read this Frontend developer roadmap guide to become front end developer in 2024

Bhylu.com First Post: Welcome :)

Welcome Bhylu.com First Post

Hey there, Coding Enthusiasts! Welcome to Bhylu.com! I’m Pritesh Bhoi, and I started this awesome place back in August 2019. Why? Because I wanted to create something special for people diving into the fantastic world of coding. Here on Bhylu.com, I want us to dive into: Let’s explore different programming languages, break down concepts, and … Read more